Types of Bicycle

In today’s market, there are several variations of bicycle, each one offering a different style of riding and purpose. The handlebar design differs from the bottom bracket design. The construction is also different and so are the components used in the frame. All these aspects are important because different variations of a bicycle offer different riding experience.

Upright bicycles are easy to pedal but they are also easier to handle. The handlebars are placed below the bottom bracket of the bicycle and the bike features a pivoting wheel that allows the rider to adjust the angle of the pedals. This enables the rider to move between a pedal-pushing to a pedaling cycle, depending on the level of difficulty required. Some of the more popular styles include the Travel, Ultra-lite and the Light cruiser. An upright bicycle can be compared to an athletic bike because of its simplicity. These bikes are designed for the low impact sport of cycling.

Next is the flat handlebar bicycle which has a handlebar that is lower than the bicycle’s handlebar. Its pedals are placed high up on the frame so as to provide comfort to the cyclist. The frame is lightweight and designed for speed. The bars can be adjusted to either side for the rider to adjust the pedaling position as per his or her comfort. However, when looking at a bicycle with this design, you will notice that it is not very comfortable. The frame is designed for hard use and therefore cannot be considered as a comfortable bicycle. It is only meant for commuting.

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